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Showcase Of Unusual And Creative Product Designs

Today we are bringing a collection of some unusual and creative product designs that we collected from the net. This is the fact that bizarre and unusual things and designs sooner or later always get the attention regardless of where they are placed. This is the reason why some extremely bizarre objects, designs and things are very famous.

With the progression in the technology and expertise, we are discovering that there are lots of new gadgets and extraordinary products being brought in the markets. Even though such weird products are released recently even so they have created enormous appeal owing to their exceptional approach. This is the reason why we see a sky-scraping level creativity in products designs to a greater degree that is popping up day after day.

Samsung plans to sell gadgets with real flexible screens in 2012

$500 toilet made from circuit boards

Key Control: Locate the stuff where you left it

Triple Memory

The Gun Mug

iPhone Brick Case

Chicken Burger USB Hub

iPod Touch Themed Bedding

Philips concept beehive makes for happy urban bees, free honey

iRetrofone Steampunk – Black/Gold

The future called, wants its levitating lamp back

Corning’s Lotus Gorilla Glass promises tougher, higher-res displays

The Nest thermostat updates your climate control for the 21st century

Gorgeous watch concept is one ballsy way to tell time

Free Up Your Desk

Multi-rescue Life Preserver

Flap-o Lights

Just 4 Mom

Carga 02 Messenger

Luggage of the Future

Coffee Lab

It’s All In the Name

Iain Sinclair CardSharp 2 Knife

Flexible solar panels

Cell Phone Spy Recon

Odys Digital Graphic Pen

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Spot

The Easy Mouse

The Light Bulb Lamp

Steampunk Headset

iTree iPhone & iPod Speaker Dock By KMKG Studio

Flexible Illuminated Full Sized Keyboard

Fun Bedding Design from Lago

USB Hub Monster

Tumbleweed Chandelier

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